АКБ Toshiba C650 C600 A660 11.1V/4400mAh

Buy АКБ Toshiba C650 C600 A660 11.1V/4400mAh

АКБ Toshiba C650 C600 A660 11.1V/4400mAh

10414 007-0802

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PA3728U-1BAS, PA3728U-1BRS, PA3817U-1BAS, PA3817U-1BRS, PA3Подходит к сериям ноутбуков: Toshiba Satellite Pro A660, A665, C645, C650, C655, L310, L510, L515, L630, L635, L640, L645, L650, L655, L670, L675, M300, M305, M500, M505, M640, M645, T110, T115, T130, T135, U400, U405, U500, U505, C650D, C655D, C660, C660D, C670, C670D, L650D, L655D, L670D, L675D, C665, C640, C640D, C645D, C665D, L311, L312, L315, L317, L322, L323, L515D, L600, L600D, L630D, L640D, L660, L660D, L730, L735, L740, L770, L770D, M305D, M505D, P740, P750, P770D, U405D, A660D, Toshiba Equium U400, Portege M800, T130, T131, M805, M810, M820, M825, M830, Dynabook CX, SS, T350, T551, Qosmio T550, X770, X775

Совместимые P/N: PA3634U-1BAS, PA3635U-1BAM, PA3635U-1BRM, PA3636U-1BAL, PA3636U-1BRL, PA3638U-1BAP, PA3728U-1BRS, PA3816U-1BRS, PA3817U-1BAS, PA3817U-1BRS, PA3818U-1BRS, PA3819U-1BRS, PABAS117, PABAS118, PABAS178, PABAS227, PABAS228, PABAS229, PABAS230, PA3634U-1BRS, PA3818U-1BRS, PA3819U-1BRS, PABAS228, PABAS230

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